Project Brief

Interaction Styles include specific guidance on recognizing others’ styles and adapting behaviors in order to be more influential.

Seventy-five percent of the people with whom we deal have preferences different from our own. It is important to be flexible and tailor speech, body language and approach so that others become more open to listen and accept ideas. This is especially important in critical business situations, during the sales process, problem solving, working on a team or providing customer service.
When you can spot cues and subtle differences in the way people behave, you can effectively deal with team members, employees, peers and customers.

When you use knowledge gained from our Interaction Style Profile® and workshops, you can better…

  • Recognize your own preferences and behaviors and use them to play on your strengths
  • Plan critical business situations such as sales calls and customer meetings before they occur
  • Increase your chance at successful influencing by tailoring your approach to the preferences of others
  • Manage interpersonal tension by behaviorally flexing

People who benefit from using the Interaction Style Profile® include…

  • Individual contributors who have a need to work in project teams
  • Supervisors who lead diverse teams of individuals, often with large spans of control
  • Managers who deal with internal and external stakeholders to manage functions and businesses
  • Sales Representatives and Account Managers who must quickly build rapport and influence others
  • Human Resource Professionals who act as internal consultants on change initiatives

You and your employees may need to know more about the Interaction Style Profile® if…

  • Individual differences get in the way of being completely productive
  • Rapport is missing between leaders and customers, employees, peers and managers
  • The way in which messages are delivered often result in an unfavorable outcome
  • Team members and leaders miss opportunities to capitalize on employee strengths because they may not recognize them.

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